Region i Awards and Scholarships

Region i Awards Program is now open!

SWE Awards celebrate the lifelong contributions women engineers and technologists make to our society—and our world. We encourage and reward advancements in technological innovation, leadership, education, work/life balance, outreach and diversity. Region i has launched an enhanced region awards program for FY15, but we need you to apply!

Necessary documentation is included below for member, program and company awards. No submission is necessary for section awards. For more information and award packets, please visit our Region i Awards Website. All submissions are due on November 28, 2014 and will be presented at our FY15 region conference in Kansas City.

Additionally, our committee is looking for judges! If you would like to help our committee, please fill out your information at this form. You will be able to rank your choices between reviewing member, program, or company awards. The time commitment will be minimal.

If you have any questions, please contact the Region i Awards chair directly at

Region i Scholarships

For the first time, Region i will award three scholarships in the amount of $400 each to three deserving Region i members at iCON15 in Kansas City. One undergraduate, graduate, and back-to-school professional will be awarded a scholarship. The scholarship committee is looking for both committee members, as well as scholarship judges! Committee members will assist in setting up the scholarship program (application, judging system) in time for applications to be submitted by early November. Judges will help with selecting our scholarship winner (late December/January time-frame). The time commitment will be about 1 hour per week to setup the criteria, and then about an hour to judge the submissions. You may not be a judge if you intend to apply for a scholarship, but you may assist us in setting up the criteria. This is a great way to contribute to SWE and add something meaningful to your SWE Resume!

Please contact the Region i Scholarship Committee Chair: Adriana Aguilar ( if you are interested in either being a part of the scholarship committee or helping judge scholarships later in the year.

We Need Your Help to Recognize Graduate Student Participation in SWE: A message from the FY15 GMC

Below is a message from Elizabeth Gregory regarding the Grad Student reception at WE14

We would like to recognize all the great ways in which graduate students participate in SWE during the Grad Student reception at WE14. Could you please take a moment to complete this form ( about how you participate in SWE as a graduate student. Also please post a picture (or more!) of graduate students doing SWE things in the comments of the Facebook post about this on the Grad SWE Community Group:  If you don’t have access to Facebook you can email to with the subject line “SWE Graduate Community” and it’ll go to a Picasa/Google+ album.  Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Gregory 

WE14 Annual Conference is just around the corner!

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More than 7,000 members from around the world will head to WE14+ICWES16 to join the three-day educational celebration of all things engineering and science. Here are just a few reasons why WE14+ICWES16 will be can’t-miss events:

  • Connect with women in engineering from around the world
  • Meet with like-minded, longtime SWE members and staff
  • Get a professional edge at insightful workshops and lectures
  • Learn from influential speakers at keynotes, plenary sessions and award banquets
  • Take your professional network to the international level
  • Start the next stage of your career at this year’s Career Fair
  • Experience a cross section of culture and cutting-edge technology in Los Angeles

Still not convinced? Check out how WE14+ICWES16 will benefit your collegiate or professional career.

Here are some links to great resources to take advantage of at the conference!

List of exhibitors attending the Career Fair
Schedule of Events
Information about restaurants, attractions and public transit
Special Discount Offers

Increasing Membership and Retention

“Membership” and “retention” are buzzwords often heard around the SWE Community. As an organization, we are always striving to bring more women, and most recently, men, into our community and keep current members engaged and involved. Membership and retention are two things that require attentive planning. SWE’s most valuable assets are the members that it contains. The post this week features some tips on how to do just that. The following is adapted from an online article featured in the Houston Chronicle titled Key Recruitment & Retention Strategies by Ruth Mayhew.

Recruiting Quality Members

Sections who find creative ways to increase their visibility though exciting events, fun activities and worthwhile meetings give your section the greatest exposure. By demonstrating to your community that SWE is an organization of choice, the most quality members will ensure that they are spending their time wisely in considering becoming a member of SWE. There are also ways to incentivize potential members. When funds allow, some sections offer reimbursement of travel expenses to the annual conference. Quality members will not only be part of creating strong section, but will also be able to reap the maximum benefit of being a member of the Society of Women Engineers.

Retaining Talented Members

This may be one of the trickiest endeavors upon which a sections can embark on because the type of strategy required in retaining members who you believe add value to your section. Developing a retention strategy requires special skills in determining which members are the most valuable to your section. Retention incentives can range from public recognition to a gift card. Succession planning can also play a role in your retention strategy. When preparing your succession plan, identify the most promising members who show aptitude for climbing SWE’s leadership ladder.

Tapping In-House Talent

Again, your members are extremely valuable to SWE and as such, perhaps they can play a role in the recruitment and retention of qualified and talented members. Establishing a referral program is an ideal was of recruiting members. Individuals who share similar work ethics and practices tend to associate with one another.  Ask current members for recommendations and create a referral program that rewards them should the referred person eventually become a member. Pay attention to feedback provided from the members you want most to retain. The insight you gain from feedback from your section may be incredibly helpful.

This article in which this post was adapted from can be found at:


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Welcome to FY15 from Region i!


Hello everyone!

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the FY15 Region Collegiate Communications Editor for Region i. My name is Ellie Phillips and I attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am a senior studying Biological Systems Engineering. I also serve as section President at UNL. This summer, I had an internship with National Research Corporation. Part of my job as RCCE is the keep the blog up to date with valuable information. I encourage you all to contact me with all the exciting events held by you section. This year I hope to be a liaison between the Region and the sections to communicate valuable information.  This blog also features some great resources.

SWE continually coming out with new webinars with information to pertaining to anything from work-life balance to handling conflict in the workplace. Another great resource is the Leadership Coaching Committee.  They are available for both Professional and Collegiate section at no charge to your section. They are available to help with any issue your section is facing.

To begin my communication of the happenings of the Region i, I would like to outline the Region Tactical Plan discussed at Leadership Summit this year:

Goal #1 – Professional Excellence

SWE will develop women engineers at all stages of their personal and professional lives.

Goal #2 – Globalization

SWE will be recognized as a global, inclusive organization, promoting diversity and inclusion and serving women engineers wherever they are.

Goal #3 – Advocacy

SWE will advocate for the inclusion and success of women, present and prospective, in engineering and technology.


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Over and out,

Ellie Phillips


FY15 Region i Leadership Summit

This year’s region leadership summit will be held August 8-10th at the Hampton Inn in Olathe, KS. Two leaders from every section are welcome to attend at region cost, in addition to all region leaders and region committee chairs. Hotel (double occupancy for professionals, quads for collegiates), plus all meals and workshops included in registration. Travel costs are at section expense. Any section Extras above the two per section will incur a $50 registration fee to help offset food costs (travel and lodging for extras will be at section expense, but will include block hotel rate of $85/room per night). There will be some fun networking events each evening, three highly motivated guest speakers will be providing important presentations, along with section leadership training, tactical/strategic planning, branding activities, and the unveiling of our new region awards program. 

Registration has closed, but if you still wish to attend please contact Jenna Harpole at ASAP. 


Two to three students from each region have been selected as SWE Future Leaders. A total of 96 nominations were submitted. Our FY15 SWEFLs will partake in the Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI) at WE14 Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California, USA. Post conference, each SWEFL will participate in Webinar training throughout the year and be assigned a mentor to work on her professional and personal goals.

Congratulations to the FY15 SWEFLs from Region I:

Megan White – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Taylor Mastin – Oklahoma State University


For a full list of of FY15 SWEFLs from all the regions, see the July 2014 All Together SWE Newsletter