Hot Topic: April Showers… Bring May Flowers!

April is one of the most stressful months for a college student.  It is crunch time, projects are due and finals are coming up.  It is important to keep up routines, plan out each day, eat healthy meals, and get enough sleep.  Here is a link that gives you a little more advice about having a good day, which is very important to stay sane in the next month.  The article is kind of meant for working people, but most still applies. It is also important to find an outlet and a source of motivation.  This picture is very nerdy, but kind of humorous, keep this in mind when studying for you finals!

Joint Event Award

In support of the Society goal that all professional sections host at least one joint activity with a collegiate section in FY12, this award recognizes Professional and Collegiate Sections or MALs that have executed the best professional and collegiate joint event. The event can be a social, outreach or professional development workshop. Repeat of an event held in prior years can be considered; however, please indicate any innovations done for the current event from the prior year. Collaborating sections are encouraged to work together on the award submission, but each Collegiate Section may submit for only ONE event (because a single professional section or the MALs may support several collegiate sections, it is possible for a professional group to be included in multiple award packages). The deadline for submission will be June 30th 2012 and awards will be distributed at the SWE Annual Conference in Houston during the Region meeting.

I posted the information about the award on the resources page. Here is a link.