Meet the RCT!

Hello! We would like to introduce you to this year’s Region Collegiate Team. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have!

Region Collegiate Representative (RCR): Hannah Mikelson

Colorado State University; Dual degree in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering
Favorite part about SWE: The incredible support system from other women in engineering, as well as the many opportunities for professional development and outreach!
Fun fact: I love to travel! I have been to over 16 countries, and look forward to going on my next trip this summer!

Region Collegiate Representative (RCR): Jacquelyn Sommers

Kansas State University studying Architectural Engineering
Favorite part about SWE: The valuable tools and confidence it has given me for my education, my future career, and my past/current leadership positions.
Fun fact: To celebrate my last year in college I am running my first marathon in Kansas City this October!

Region Graduate Representative (RGR): Ginny Judge

Colorado School of Mines, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Favorite part about SWE: Meeting women involved in vastly different aspects of engineering who come together to build a welcoming community and lift each other up both professionally and personally.
Fun fact: I start and end each day with 30 minutes of reading (fun, not educational reading).

Region Collegiate Senator (RCS): Paige Bowling

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering; Chemistry with a Biochemistry Specialty – May 2018
Favorite part about SWE: Networking
Fun fact: Has seen Mt. Everest

Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE): Katie McQuie

University of Colorado Boulder: Environmental and Chemical Engineering
Favorite part about SWE: the amazing people! I have met so many fantastic role models and friends through SWE.
Fun fact: I once stayed up all night for a pizza restaurant’s opening to get free pizza for a year!

SWEFL: Theresa O’Donnell

Colorado State University, Civil Engineering
Favorite part about SWE: The community. SWE is full of amazing people who want and do all kinds of incredible things and it’s inspiring to be a part of a group that supports those people.
Fun fact: I plan to join the Peace Corps after obtaining my degree.


SWEFL: Rachel Deeds

Rachel's Professional Portrait
University of Tulsa, Mechanical Engineering
Favorite part about SWE: the opportunities available for women to encourage each other through the difficulties that come with pursuing a degree in engineering. No matter what difficulties you are facing, you know that there is a strong network of ladies to encourage and push you to perform to your highest potential!
Fun fact: I love to play Ultimate Frisbee! Whenever I started college, there were not any all-female club sports on campus, so this year I decided to start the first Women’s Ultimate Club team here on campus. It has been a blast sharing my passion with the rest of campus and giving women another outlet that they didn’t has access to before!

Lieutenant Governor: Adriana Porter

SWE30 (1)
Purdue University – Civil Engineering (Currently work in Kansas City for Black & Veatch)
Favorite part of SWE: all of the opportunities available for it’s members! Whether it’s professional development, networking, outreach … SWE has it all!
Fun fact: I run half-marathons, but am still working on gathering the courage to do a full marathon!



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