WE Local Tulsa is Coming Up Soon!

WE Local Tulsa is rapidly approaching! The conference is from January 26-28, 2018.

Abstract submissions are due September 30 and more details can be found on the WE Local Tulsa website. Before submitting an application, please review the WE Local “Call for Participation” overview.

The collegiate poster competition is open and will be due November 3. WE Local is currently seeking Collegiate Poster Competition Judges that meet the following requirements:

  • Be a SWE professional member OR collegiate member in graduate school nearing the end of your studies
    • Graduate students who are interested in competing in the Collegiate Poster Competition may not apply to judge
  • Have an MS or PhD with research experience OR have other research experience
  • Abstract judges must commit to dedicate three (3) hours over the course of two (2) weeks to review online abstracts
  • In-person judges must commit to dedicate two (2) hours during the WE Local Conference of which they are judging posters

Ideally: Judges have participated in previous poster competitions with SWE, universities, companies, etc.

If you are interested in judging posters, please contact welocal@swe.org.

Registration information will be up soon. Prices are already online.

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