Hot Topic: Back to School… Back to SWE! As college students life is constantly changing, we have 9 months of classes that  change every semester and summers filled with whatever we choose to fill them with. No matter what the transition back into school is never an easy one.  I hope I can give you a few tips and resources to get… Continue reading Hot Topic: Back to School… Back to SWE!

CLCC: Plan Workshops or Join the Committee!

The Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC) is a team consisting of collegiate or professional members who are available to work directly with collegiate sections to facilitate the sharing of best practices and to address issues that the sections have with ongoing operations by coaching them through modules developed by the CLCC. The available modules are now… Continue reading CLCC: Plan Workshops or Join the Committee!

Apply for SWE Scholarships

Did you know? Annually, SWE awards individual scholarships to freshmen through graduate students. Scholarships and fellowships range from $1000 to $10,000 each. In 2010, SWE dispursed more than 170 new and renewed scholarships valued at approximately $490,000. Many professional SWE sections offer additional scholarships. The application deadline for students at a Sophomore or higher level is February… Continue reading Apply for SWE Scholarships

New Resource Added – Membership Metrics

Our Region Membership Representative, Kristin Ehlers, has put together some great resources for collegiate and professional sections to use, and these are now available in the Collegiate Resources tab of the blog! The membership metrics provide information on the growth and gross retention of each collegiate and professional section in our region.  Sections can use… Continue reading New Resource Added – Membership Metrics